LIVERPOOL star Mohamed Salah will miss at least one game of the World Cup in Russia, according to Egypt president Hany Abo Rida.

Liverpool star Salah faces a fight to make the World Cup in Russia following his injury in the Champions League final.

The Egypt international dislocated his shoulder after just 31 minutes after a collision with Sergio Ramos.

Liverpool went on to lose that game without Salah, with Gareth Bale scoring twice for Real Madrid.

After the game, Jurgen Klopp expressed fears his talisman would miss the World Cup after his Ramos incident.

But Egypt president Abo Rida says Salah IS likely to play – but will miss their first game against Uruguay.

Dean Jones, who works for Bleacher Report, tweeted: “EFA President Hany Abo Rida says he is likely to miss Egypt’s opener against Uruguay.

“But will be 100% for Russia game.”

Egypt’s bold prediction comes just days after Liverpool physiotherapist Ruben Pons gave a worrying update.

“We knew that it was something serious as soon as [Salah] fell on the ground because he never complains, we were afraid of the worst,” Pons told Marca.

“We were in the field until the break, I was devastated, I tried to transmit calmness, I told him that nothing could be done and that he did not worry too much, it was time to look for solutions and not to regret because things did not work.

“We were watching the game, we were looking at social networks and the security was telling us the result, Madrid has scored, we equalised.

“When we came back, the game was over, the whole team had changed and prepared for riding the team bus, we helped him change because he could not do it alone and we went to the airport.

“Once we knew the injury we planned the treatment, he is sad about what happened but he is totally focused on recovery and seeing when he can be ready.

“He is going to mark the recovery times, in principle it will be from three to four weeks but we are going to try to reduce those deadlines, that’s the big goal.”



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